Featured Artist: Donna Geissler

July 29, 2009

Studio EL is proud to present nine new images by Donna Geissler in the Fall 2009 release. Here Donna tells us how her interest with photography began:

"I have been fascinated by photography ever since I took a photojournalism class in 1993. The power of storytelling through images in the news media amazed me. Even though I don't shoot journalistic images now, knowing that I've captured the emotion I felt when I saw that subject provides much fulfillment as if I've saved that moment forever. The process of photography provides me with the thrill of searching and the satisfaction of documenting the beauty that I see. While I've been captivated by floral photography for the past few years, I've expanded my subject matter to include other natural elements of the earth such as clouds, water, and rocks.

Initially, I began with traditional darkroom printing and then hand colored my prints with oils and pencils. Digital photography, however, allows more freedom to create my own perspective of an image. But before I can even begin to work with my images by either painting digitally or combining images in a collage, the original image must include beautiful lighting. I suppose this is my inspiration – my fascination with how natural light from the skies above can put a whole different emotional spin on a cloud…a flower …a rock. My goal is to capture and document what I find beautiful."

All of Geissler's imagery is available on fine art paper or any of our substrates such as sustainable bamboo, brushed aluminum, and clear acrylic. Contact your sales representative to find out how these stunning photographs can fit your project needs.

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