Featured Artist: Rebecca Tolk

March 29, 2011

Rebecca Tolk: Quiet Wonders

After years of shooting with traditional 35mm cameras, I began experimenting with the Holga, and soon discovered that it’s lightweight, larger format and ethereal image quality offered me a new freedom in my work. The moment my first successful Holga image came out of the processor, I felt a lump in my throat and I knew I had found my voice, I knew something special was happening. A wondrous result that transcended beyond merely “recording“ an image. Its lens became a portal and revealed a beautiful new way of seeing.

My inspiration comes to me through my surroundings, my daily wonderings through meadows, gardens and forests. My work is intensely personal, as nature is my sanctuary and I have never let go of my child-like wonder for it. Here I am captivated by the unexpected details and subtle intricacies, the tiny worlds that are much overlooked in our daily routines. But when we pause, there is vibrant life all around us in the smallest of spaces, an entire universe of enchantment and mystery. It is through my photography I find that I am best able to express the respect and fascination I feel for the natural world as the Holga enables me to show what I feel when I’m in nature, not just what I see.

As I started noticing a trend in my work of the small overlooked weeds, grasses, flowers and such I was drawn to learn more about these beauties. What are they here for? What is their purpose? Just as we humans ask ourselves the same questions, I was amazed to find that each and every one has a place and purpose on this earth. Many of them have the life giving powers to heal and nurture us. I am always thrilled to learn about a new medicinal or edible plant that I have just photographed. It is my intention with my work to inspire others and instill a sense of wonder of the natural world around them so that next time they are out in nature they may look around and know that they have many allies. I seek to form alliances with organizations and individuals who have the same mission as I do, as well as to bring awareness to plant life and their healing gifts.

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